Thursday, January 07, 2016



In my case I think the elastic has been stretched to the way is it because I have lost weight.
I have lost my way well and truly and my eating is out of control.
My WW's has run out and I have cancelled it till I am in the right head space.
Christmas, family and friends visiting, has seen me lose my battle to lose some weight.....but I ain't a quitter so I'll be giving it another go….when I can get my head in the right space again..
Cruise is booked....I have about 12 weeks to get my head into some sort weight loss mode....nothing is fitting, none of last year cruise clothes fit...
And also throw my 60th birthday into the mix as well....that's in 6 or 7 weeks and Ted wants us to have a party...ohhhhh heck I so need to get ME sorted out. A doctor visit next week might help....I just feel adrift..

My bright light over Christmas and New Year was William and his mummy and daddy. 
We had a wee birthday party for his 2nd birthday. He had a fantastic day, playing on his water slide and eating junk food. At bedtime he was worn out and sick....but luckily after he threw up, we showered him again and he slept a solid 12 hours.
I will be counting down to my birthday as thats when I will see him again…and hopefully by then I won't be feeling so adrift...

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  1. 2nd birthday already, the years are flying by... Happy 2016 :)