Monday, January 18, 2016

The Lion King

My girlfriend and I went to The Lion King on Sunday.
We made a day of it…I drove from here to hers, a 40 minute drive and from hers we drove to the The Dome in Perth where the theatre production was held.
On arrival there we had a wander through the casino, had a much needed cuppa then walked to the train station and went into the city centre. A wander through Myers, David Jones, and a few other stores we don't have in our town, lunch at cafe in the mall before shop browsing again.
Decided a 4pm to catch the train back where we had a snack and another cuppa before heading over to the theatre.
Found our seats then sat back and we were enthralled from the beginning to the end….what a production. If I could afford it I would go back and watch it all again tomorrow.
Robyn drove us back to hers and because I wasn't tired I drove home (I had packed a overnight bag in case I was too tired).
Pic was taken just before we entered the show. Loved my dress…just wish I loved myself. I have since Paul's diagnosis and passing have let myself go, I have eaten like there is no tomorrow and I look terrible.
10 weeks before we head off on our cruise so a good friend has invited me to join a online challenge with some other people. We weigh in weekly, maybe its what I need. Hoping I can find me again.
I know a lot of what I am feeling is grief, my Dr has been wonderful knowing I don't want to go on antidepressants he has recommended a calmative tablet and so I am giving that a go.
Number 3 son has a few issues going on at the moment too…which are worrying me. His eldest daughter has been giving her mother some problems and she asked Shawn to have Skye for a week or so to give her a break. Skye hasn't been getting on with her mum's partner, well she hasn't from the beginning….but now it turns out he has been cruel to Skye and maybe to the others. Skye refuses to go home. Child protection has been made aware of the fact by Shawn. He may even be given his other daughter as she wants to be with him too.
Shawn is a great Dad, he loves his kids….but I don't think he is aware of how much time and effort he has to put into parenting full time, or the cost involved. And can he give up his recreational drugs, his single lifestyle permanently to become a full time parent?? Time will tell. I hope he can but I really can't see it happening, he has to change his attitude and way of life big time to do so,,,hope he can prove me wrong.

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  1. You certainly have a lot going on right now! Hugs to you!!!!!!

    I am so glad that you had the awesome chance to be with your friend and see the Lion King!!!!!!