Thursday, January 28, 2016

Starting again…..

……for what seems like the millionth time I am trying to lose weight again….at least I can say I ain't no quitter.

I have joined a online challenge….starting on the 1st February and it finishes on the 1st May. We pay $20 to join for the 3 months….and at end of the 3 months the top 5 "losers" have the $'s that we have paid in divided out as their "prize" money.
I was introduced to the group by my great friend Rach, she is inspiring me at the moment with her commitment to her health and weight loss. She has lost 9 kilo's so far, but despite a few downs and holidays she has managed to keep plugging away at it.  The group have been welcoming so I have paid my $20 and ready for the start of the challenge. I so can do this. Plus it gives me 9 weeks to get my shit together and lose a few kilo's before we sail out on our cruise…AND also will give me the added challenge of using the walking track on the boat and watching my food intake. 
Have my 60th birthday which we are celebrating at the end of February…so thats another challenge thrown in….but hey I am ready for this….

I have been in a total funk about my weight and myself…. so this is just what I need. Will focus my energy on this "making changes" and see what it brings.


  1. Trial month! That is GREAT!!! Youv'e got this. I hope that the challenge group is just what you need!!!

  2. All go in your life. Grieving - only you can deal with it and hard for others to understand. And if you are like me, the last thing you want to deal with at times is trying to lose weight! Great to join a challenge. Hang in there:-) Take care - Anne

  3. I hope you do fantastically this year Jen... and I hope I can too. {{{HUGS}}

  4. Love that you had a trial month, awesome. I am sure you will do well this year, even with the cruise and the birthday :)