Friday, May 06, 2016

Mothers Day

I received this gorgeous book from my cousin the other day in the mail. Its full of photo's of Mum with me and my family, what a beautiful memory book it is. I just sat down and cried, Sue made up one for my brother and sister as well, what a beautiful gesture that I and they will treasure forever. 
I will catch up with my cousin next week and she'll be getting the biggest cuddle from me. She messaged me today and said she'll make up one for my kids too if they want one and I know Kylee does so I'll organise some pics for her. 

I am going down to Manjimup tomorrow to catch up with my sister, we still have a few things to sort out, one of them being a headstone for Mum. It is going to be horrible going down there and not being able to go to Mum's…someone is already in her rented unit. Being Mother's Day on Sunday, tomorrow will give me a chance to go to Mum's grave and leave her some flowers. 
Sunday will be spent up at Ted's mum's, we are going to take a plate up to share. All being us and Ted's brothers and family. 

Went down to catch up cuppa with Tanya on Thursday. She is struggling on, misses Paul daily. She has finished her Aged Care course and is in the process of sending out resume's.  

I rejoined the online weight loss challenge group I was in. Last challenge I was in the top 5 losers till I got back from our cruise. Then I got that chill that turned into bronchial asthma and ended up being 1.8 above the weight I started the challenge. 
Sooooo here I go again. The challenge is great, its something to focus on other than my misery. A loss of 800g this week, happy with that.

Right, I off to get ready for tomorrow. Starting the day with a "jabber walk" with my buddy IF its not raining in the morning. Was pelting down earlier tonight and its still raining now. A huge front is meant to cross the coast tonight and the rain now is just the start of it so I may not be walking. 

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mum's, hope you have a wonderful day. 

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  1. Things are not going well for you at the moment, good luck with the weigh challenge, a good focus. Still catching up, feel so bad getting so far behind in blogs. :)