Monday, October 10, 2016


Don't know why I am bothering with weight watchers at the moment, I go well for a week or so then lose the plot….indulge myself, feel guilty and then start all over again…..  I can't seem to string a few good weeks together, if I could I might find the motivation to keep going. 
Sitting here at 5am, can't sleep, woke up at 3am and couldn't get back to sleep. I 'm going to be walking around like a zombie today at work. 

Kylee  has had her op and is doing really well. 2 weeks pre op (she did optifast for a week) to now she has lost over 10 kilo's. Truth be told I am a little jealous …. nahhh honestly it has been the best thing for her. She'd kill for a steak….but has a week or so to go before she can eat that. She is living on soups, custards and the like at the moment, can only get a half a dozen spoonfuls and she is full but a couple of hours later she is hungry again. She will be happy to eat something nutritious and filling.

A wee little boy is awake and up now…too early but looks like he wants me to entertain him, he has come in with some books to read. 

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  1. Hi I know how you feel about the weight loss...good news for Kylie !!

    Cheers Peta