Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Day 2

I am finally allowing myself to begin to let go of all the anger, the hurt and grief that has wrapped me up for the past 3 years. I have been (I think) to scared to let myself be "me" and live because of all that I have lost. It hurts so much still.

Day 1 was yesterday....I aced it!!

I am not allowing myself a day "off" till my birthday in February.
Going to be a challenge as I will have visitors from New Zealand here on the 4th, then a funeral to attend on the 7th. But do it I will...I have too...for me !! 
I know I am going to have set backs, and off days...but I have to rediscover myself. This has to be for me...the real me.


  1. Letting go of that anger/grief and negativity will be so freeing!!

  2. You’re sounding like you are ready to let the past and it’s pain go. Your suffering doesn’t change it and those special people who you miss so much would want you to be happy and healthy. Let’s do it xx

  3. Hi

    I was wondering if you still go to weight watchers and if so is the new progra good? I haven't been to WW for years..a friend wants me to join with her.