Saturday, January 12, 2019

6 days on...

And I am still struggling.
Just can't get my head around things at the moment. Too much emotional upheaval and I can't seem to cope without the help of food. My weight is up and down, more up than down, actually my weight is affecting my health...and I need to get my shit together and stop the dilly dallying and JUST DO IT!! 
I keep saying this, but let my emotions take over and then I go eat!! It has to stop...and I promise it will...
Away for the weekend...then its back and try again.


  1. Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes life seems to be overwhelming. However, you have written that you know that your weight is part of the health and concerns. Sooooo...think about it this way. You can’t control what people around you say and do. You can’t control a lot of stuff...but you CAN control the food that goes into your mouth!!!! That is the one change that you can make and have complete control over!!!!

  2. Can so relate to this so much, I know every kilo I lose before surgery will benefit, but still I fail.