Monday, June 09, 2008

Can't stop the tears

Well it has happened.....Shawn got home today and found an empty house and a letter for him on the table. Hannah has had too many restraining orders out on Shawn now and Child Protection has stepped in and removed her and the kids for their safety for which I don't blame them or Hannah for going. He is in tears, he is angry but is it his fault.....noooooooooo!! He has been trying he says, really trying, but when you tell him not hard enough as he still angry and moody, he starts ranting and blaming everything and anything but himself.
He has an interview with child protection tomorrow and will be told what he will have to do to sort this all out. Know from what he read out from the letter left for him he will have to have councelling, psychic treatment. God I hope he agrees to everything, and goes to this interview in a better frame of mind than what he is in now, if he loves Hannah and his kids as much as he says he does he'll have to.
Pray for him please....he really does loves those kids of his...but mainly pray that he gets the help he really needs.


  1. Maybe this is the wake up call he needed? I hope so for his and his families sake. I will be thinking of you chick... try to hang in there and not become too upset.

  2. Like Chris said - maybe this will be the wake up call for him. Hard going for you all.

  3. shit, it never rains but it pours huh Jen, my heart goes out to you and your family hun.

    As said by chris and anne, hopefully this WILL be the wake up call thats been needed, i mean now he can see what he stands to lose if he doesnt take steps to help himself, he has no option but to face it.

    Thinking of you hunny *hugs*
    Erica xxx

  4. My heart really goes out to you Jen. I know exactly how it feels as a mum to worry about your children and just wish you can do the magic thing and make everything alright. But it doesn't work like that. His problem is his anger and that's stopping him from seeing everything in the proper light. We have one of those boys as well - it's always everyone elses fault, not his. Take care and keep the faith and know that one day he will "see" clearly what he is doing to his family and appreciate what he has. Hopefully this time he will get the help he needs.

    Please email me anytime you feel like it.

  5. Dear Jen, this is so sad! My prayers and thoughts are with you & Shawn & Hannah & the kids. Hopefully some counselling will make him see sense. Sending you lots of hugs!!!!!! Chrissy xxx

  6. Hey Jen, hope things are looking a bit brighter for you. Thinking of you. xxx