Thursday, June 12, 2008


Shawn has had a interview with Child Protection and has been told he has to move out of his house and leave it for Hannah and the kids. He is not to go anywhere near the house or have any contact with them, all visitations will have to be supervised. He of course has nowhere to go, unless he sleeps in his car or on the streets, so looks as thou he'll have to stay with us till he can find somewhere. He very down, remorseful and unsure of the future but has agreed to 16 weeks of councelling, hopefully other treatments as well.....anything to get back Hannah and the kids. Maybe this will wake him up and he'll get himself back on track again, I hope so.

Weigh in was tonight and I am thrilled as despite a very unsettling week with Shawn and all these happenings I have stayed right on track .... and lost 1.8 !!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyy I am back on track, still have a ways to go to get back to where I should be, but am moving in the right direction...


  1. You can only wait and see with your son... it is all up to him of course. Well done on your awesome loss this week!

  2. sounds like things are moving in the right diresction on all fronts hunny, im very VERY pleased for you Jen, keep up the freat work with WW babes!

    Erica xxx

  3. Jen, so sorry I haven't been around to sympathise with Shawn's problems - for some reason bloglines didn't let me know that you'd updated and then today it showed your last three all at once. Well done on the weigh in - that bloody brilliant with all you've got going on in our head. Do hope that this latest move provides the trigger for Shawn to turn his life around. You can only watch from the side lines - but it's so hard when he's still your child and you love him. Thinking of you all Z xx