Friday, June 20, 2008

It's Friday

Yay....its work for me today which is even better....I need the me time!! It's been a long week. Shawn has been coming here for a meal at night, a shower, I pack his lunch for work next day and then he goes off and sleeps in his car. He says he is comfy if thats what he wants and he is be it. Still don't know a lot that is going on with this Child Protection situation....he still has not seen his kids or spoken to Hannah and that really upsets him and we have had a few shall we say very tense moments here about this. He can understand that he is not allowed to see Hannah but surely she could ring him and let the kids say "goodnight Daddy" to him...that he seems to miss most of all. I have a horrible feeling this whole situation is going to explode big time but will wait and see what happens as it all unfolds. He has a meeting next Tuesday...but I am ringing DCP today to see if I can organise a child visitation for him, he needs to see them. I fly to Melbourne on Wednesday night so hopefully we can arrange something before I go.

yayyyyyyy am off to see my dear daughter (and future son in law) and catch up with some very dear friends. (A bit peeved off I not there now then I could have met Chris H and Nannette...but another time maybe!!)This trip is only for 4 days so it is going to be a full on time for me...but I can't wait!! Off to the footy on Friday night...Hawthorn verus West Coast. I know, I know...Eagles sux this year, but I am still a very proud supporter and will go there and sit there in my Eagles colours next to my daughter and her fiancee in their Hawthorn colours.....

Anyways despite all the upheaval I have stuck solidly to my point counting, my tracking, my eating and excersise and was rewarded last night at my ww weigh in with a loss which even astounded me of 2.1 !!! That leaves me .9 to lose this week and then I will be back to my goal weight.....wellllll within the 2 kilo extra they allow you anyways....but I getting there. Just not allowed to blow it when I go to Melbourne ehhhh??


  1. Oh dear jen the situation with shawn and his little family is so sad....and I hope that for everyones sake he can see the kids for a few hours before you leave for 4 days...
    I cant wait to have you here in my home state and hopefully you can come down for a short quick stop over and see the do have a full on time and will understand if its just not possible for you to come all the way down to Winchelsea to see the house...and you wont blow it in have worked to darn hard to get back to your goal weight for you to blow it now...
    Well done on a fantastic loss that is are a true star..
    Berrie xx

  2. No matter what he done or acted, it's really sad he can't see or talk to those kids. I hope that it gets sorted soon and he does get some visits. Surely they could do that and have them supervised. Hang in there.

  3. have a great visit with your daughter Jen, god knows you deserve it! and a big huge WELL DONE on your loss hun.