Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just a quick one.....

Tonight I head off to Perth to catch a midnight flight to Melbourne, daughter will pick me up at airport at 5.40am....yawnnnnnn! Sure am looking forward to this break away thou. Shawn is very, very tiring and stressful to deal with .....but things are slightly better I think. He had his kids for 2 hours on Saturday afternoon...and despite all the drama's we had with Shawn before the visit he did enjoy his time with them. He has another interview with DCP this afternoon...so he's hoping he gets a bit of information on Hannah because as yet he has heard nothing from her or has been allowed to see her. These visits to the DCP office usually has him coming back here moodier than ever....so its good that I am off to Melbourne tonight.
ooooopps just had a knock on the door.....definetly glad I am going to Melbourne. It was the police, they have a AVO order to serve on Shawn from Hannah....Shawn will take it that it means there is no hope for them, and that is gonna send him over the edge methinks!! Thankfully as Shawn is at work and has that interview with DCP they are going to leave it with local police to serve later on.....this I am not looking forward to.
This is an edit....a few hours have past since the police were here, and I have rang DCP and told them how unfair it is that this AVO is to be served on Shawn with no warning and how concerned I am of his re-action to it. So they are going to let him know this arvo and explain the whatfor/how/whys and everything to him. I also told DCP he has to have some contact even if by phone with Hannah, they need to talk. Anyways I guess before I head off to Perth I will know what he's reaction will be....hope it is not as bad as I fear it will be.

Thinking I might jump on my scales before I go tonight.....just to see what number comes up so I can keep that in mind while I am away.....remind me peoples I have to be good!!!

Photo's of Shawn with his kids....hasn't little Shayden grown, he was a month old on Saturday.


  1. I just got home from Melbourne, it was awesome! I am sorry things are so bad for your son... not knowing the history between him and his partner so can't comment on that, but am glad he still gets to see his children.

  2. hey Jen hope everything is going alright with you. I'm sure you had a fantastic time in Melbourne just a little concerned with how things are on the homefront and that you're okay.

    Sending lots of hugs to you.

  3. Enjoy your break Jen, god knows you deserve it! A mothers works never done is it? it doesnt matter how old they get they always come back to mum when theres trouble, so glad he got to see the littlies tho'

    Erica xxx