Saturday, October 03, 2009

The good and the bad....

I have been travelling along quite well, walking most days, eating within my points most days and been very proud of myself.....yay back on track !! Thou much to my utter disgust my scales don't tell me that. I hopped on them and they went UP ..... grrrrrrr bloody scales, they ended up out the front door and in the garden !!! BUT I did calm down and kept myself from being a little "oink" and have been staying good. And thats despite all the shit that been happening!!
Yep...Shawn again....#1 in the happening department he is, proper little shit he is too. Hannah has issued another vro on him, which was served on him today...not because he has been violent but because of his moods/aggression, its not getting any better. She wants the kids back and with Shawn being the way he is and them being together they are not likely to. I don't blame her for doing it, she has no choice I don't think, those kids need to be back at home together. The courts have also ordered Shawn to halve his cannabis usage in the next 3 months or lose visitation rights to his kids. They will monitor that by weekly urine samples. So he is out on the streets again getting into heck knows what! He got his tax check back the other day and rang me today and asked me if I would grab some of the money off him before he did something stupid with it. But geeeeeeeee had mum with me today (when we went and got some $$'s off him) and she saw first hand how "moody" he has become.....his mood swings from good to downright rude in just seconds. You have to watch everything you say, say the wrong word and he just explodes, very frightening for mum to see when just minutes before he was cuddling with her and having a joke. Mum idolises Shawn but hadn't believed me that Shawn was as bad as I had been telling her. When she was up a few weeks ago she noticed he was "stressed" but has realised now its a lot more than that. We pleaded with him today to go to the hospital and get some help.
Mum is up staying with me for the weekend as her neighbours are having a big birthday bash, very noisy they warned her so I had my brother drop her off on his way throu to Perth. Mum, at 80, doesn't need her days and nights disturbed by drunken louts.
Ted's mum gave us a scare the other day too....she got a splinter in her hand and even thou it got sore and infected she didn't let us or any of the other family know till she saw the Dr on Tuesday arvo. Tuesday night she had surgery to get it out. Ted's mum is 84 and surgery at that age is pretty scary. Thankfully she was ok, they got the splinter out, pumped her with antibotics and kept her in hospital till Friday and she is now home recovering well.

Well its a matter of wait and see what happens now, I think with Shawn its going to be bad, very bad, I just have a real bad feeling about it. I hope and pray I am wrong and that he proves me wrong by changing.
Monday is weigh in day I am trying my darn hardest to keep the halo on !


  1. Your son is his own worst enemy, and until he hits total rock bottom and realises how he his ruining his life and the lives of his partner and children, he won't get help.
    I am so sorry you have to watch him spiral out of control like this.
    {{{BIG HUGS}}} chick.

  2. Oh Jen, *hugs*
    I think you are doing so well to be sticking with the healthy eating and exercise, cos things with Shawn sound simply awful!
    Keeping you in my prayers, I hope things take a turn for the better, and he getts his useage down and life back up.