Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Grandies visit

On Saturday I picked up Shawn and travelled down to Busselton for an access visit with his kids....his first since the vro was issued, so he hadn't seen his kids for 2 weeks. And me, I hadn't seen them since the beginning of July, and boy haven't they grown heaps, espesially baby Kaleb. It was a marvellous couple of hours, the kids were so happy to see their Daddy, the love they have for him shows soooooo much. And he loves them too.....but still he continues to use that dreaded 'weed' !! One day maybe he will wake up to how much he is missing out on.

The few hours with them went by too quickly, but we fitted so much in with them and had the bestest time. Lots of tears from us all when it was time to say goodbye. Shawn should have another visit this weekend.

Weigh in was last night, I climbed on the scales knowing I had a real great week only to be told you GAINED!! Was not very happy!!! It was only a 100 grams but !!!! Came home and had 3 or 4 stiff drinks and drowned my sorrow.....something I don't do very often......

........and yeahhhh this morning woke up with a headache and got myself back on track.


  1. Oh Fxxx! That is so soul destroying when you've worked so hard - I think it's all to do with this damn menopause - it seems to play havoc with our bodies and fluid levels. Just keep plodding on - it WILL come good. Zxx

  2. I'm with Anne on this one... friggin menopause! Leave the grog alone, it will only make you FATTER! *SNIFF*

  3. Got to agree with the girls though I understand and have been down that road myself many many times. Glad you had a good visit and hope there are many more visits to come.

  4. Your grandies are adorable....
    Thanks for dropping by my blog...

    I am finally back on track... only thru Dr's orders tho.... *sob*