Monday, October 12, 2009

Had a great week....

.....but at weigh in only lost 400grams, am quite disappointed, thought it would have been more. Ahhhhhhh well, at least it was down.

Had 2 of the grandies here on Saturday, the girls stayed overnight. Sunday morning they were up early...very early, 6.10am to be precise!! Me and my big mouth .... told them we would walk down to the park straight after breakkie. They thought the earlier they got up the earlier they could go down the park.....mmmmmmmmm

Shawn is still the same, no change. I wonder how I can love him so much yet hate him just as much, he has thrown so much away with the lifestyle he choses to live. Wish he could see what he is doing to himself, but with the physcosis the drug usage has given him he just can't. Wish he could remember how his life did change when he rehabilated, but he won't !! His birthday is this week, turns 27 on Thursday.
Picture is of him with my mum when mum was up on one of her weekend visits.

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