Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A good week

A real good week, plenty of exercise and good food.
To give myself a kick start in getting this extra weight off I have been doing Kate Morgan. They are meal replacements, yummy shakes and bars twice a day, and a normal evening meal, but can also eat fruit, soups and salads in between. I must admit I was skeptical as to how it would work, or if it would be enough to keep me full...especially with work. But other than a headache the first day I have had no problems. Will say I have had some chrissy parties and get togethers to go too so have done a little "cheating" but I am happy to report over a 2 kilo loss.
I want to get under 80 kilo's again but more than anything I want to be comfortable in my clothes and myself. We are off on our small holiday in late January, would be nice to get back into my favourite shorts by then.


  1. woohoo congrats on the loss, you're doing great and well on the way to making your goal of getting under 80 kg :)


  2. I tried Kate Morgan a year or so ago and did well, loved the taste of the products. My trouble is I can't stick with anything for long - but I'm sure you will be fine! Great start Jen:-)