Thursday, December 27, 2012


Nicola, Adam, Pippa and Thomas
These four little munchkins are the kids of my twin niece and nephews....I adore them. They are loving having their Aunty Jen and Uncle Ted in their lives as much as we do them.
Our pressie from my neice and nephew and families
This gorgeous wall blue bird candle holder was given to us from Tam and Tom and families....I absolutely love it....and very quickly found a place on my wall for it.
Gorgeous Pippa in her Rapunzel outfit we gave her
This Rapunzel outfit is what we got our little Pip. We had our Christmas get together on the 23rd....and you can see from the pic above of the four of them together, the outfit was her chose of outfit for Christmas Day.
Beautiful Nicola in her fairy outfit we gave her
Nicola just loved her outfit too....she was sooooo excited about it and how pretty it was she just couldn't find the right words to say......
My brother with Adam
This is my big brother....he joined us on the 23rd....none of my other family could make it. Rod was nearly in tears on his way home...he found it very emotional. He had met Tom, Tam and Tash before but this was the first time he had met their husbands/partner and their kids. And he very nearly didn't come down for the lunch together as his fiancee had just had shoulder surgery.

Anyways a lot more gatherings are planned for us all....hopefully in the near future we can all get together. the new year is just around the corner so we have them to look forward to.

Christmas was very quiet in our household. It was only us and Kylee for Christmas Day.....the boys and their wives/partners all had made other plans. Paul and Tanya have been down to her Dad's place in Pemberton with her sisters and families and will be coming out with their kids tomorrow. 
I am working tomorrow evening so before I start work I will call in and see the troublesome one and drop his present off and those he gave me to put away for his kids. (he has his access visit at his house on the 29th). I will also drop around to his kids house and drop off their presents from me and their Pop. 
Simon and Tracey and kids went down to Manjimup to see his Dad....was meant to call in on Boxing Day on their way home, but due to the extreme heat we have had....and radiator problems on his car they are going to come down on Sunday to spend time with us.

Hubby and I don't usually buy presents for each other, we usually go in and buy something we both want/need. Before Christmas we went in to Harvey Norman and I bought myself a Macro lens for my camera....I love it and been having so much fun playing with it. Hubby bought himself  a crash cam for his 4x4...he has had so many close calls whilst out driving he decided one was needed. 

I went overboard on my eating over the Christmas break and felt absolutely fat and bloated.  it was my Kate Morgan weigh in today and every intention of NOT weighing in....but on going down the street I ended up going in and weighing. To my surprise I only gained 600g so I am so thankful I didn't blow it !!  The last 2 days I have been totally on track.


  1. That candle holder is awesome :), and the kids look gorgeous :)

  2. Lovely pics Jen. Have a fantastic 2013 xx