Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A quiet Christmas

Its going to be a quiet Christmas for us....
Hubby finishes work on the 21st and doesn't go back to the 3rd of January, but I work days and nights in between those dates..including Boxing Day and New Years Day.  I don't mind...the extra $'s will come in handy.
Paul and Tanya are going down south to Tanya's Dad place for Chrissy so we'll catch up with them on their return, Simon and Tracey haven't made up their mind where or what they are doing as they only have Christmas and Boxing days off work, Kylee will be home...and Shawn, the troublesome one,  will be out on the 28th for his access visit and Christmas visit with his kids. I WILL NOT allow him to bring his partner Shaz to this house, something she said to me will never be forgiven or forgotten. I always thought she being a lot older than Shawn would be good for him, bring some "maturity" into his life....boy did I think wrong!!

Anyways, "Kate Morgan" is still in my life....500grams gone, not a lot,  but after last weeks huge loss I didn't expect it to be. I'll plod along and hopefully by the time my holiday rolls around I will have lost a few kilo's and got myself back into the 70's.

Best get myself ready for work....

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  1. Merry Christmas Jen. Have a wonderful time with your family and grandkids.

    We're having a quiet christmas too and for once I don't mind.

    Love to you all. Be happy and safe. xxx