Monday, December 03, 2012


Skye is 9

Wellll the week hasn't been the best, foodwise anyways....

First I had our little Miss Skye turn 9, her Daddy and her siblings celebrated here on their usual end of month access visit. Her Pop and I gave her the Cabbage Patch doll...which she loved. My daughter loved hers too when she was that age...and that got me thinking, where in the heck was hers? It apparently got left behind when we moved down from up north....only Kylee's favourite doll of all time and her bride doll made the trip. So I have been on E-bay and Gumtree chasing down old Cabbage Patch kids...

And talking about Kylee.....she bought a house on the weekend. Finance is to be arranged, but she has been told  from the bank there is no reason why she shouldn't get it as when she put a offer in on another house a week or so back they told her it shouldn't be a problem....and that was $23, 000 dearer than this one!  Anyways this house is an old one, double brick and tile, 3 x1...needs a lot of TLC but hey it won't be long and Kylee will stamp her style on it !!

Friday saw us heading up to Pinjarra to meet up with our best friends  (who are our travelling companions). Grant's mum passed away and Friday we supported him and his family through the funeral. Very emotional time for them, and us too. Anyways in just over 7 weeks time we are off travelling with them again. They are due over in Bathurst in early February so before they head there we are going to partner up with them again and do a 2 week trip around the south west coastline. So that gives us a couple of weeks to meander from here following the coastline all the way to Esperance. Fun times are a coming.

Soooo before we head off I am going to go on a weight loss plan.....and hopefully by the time we leave I will be have myself sorted out.  can't keep on going the way I am. I have days where I get it together, then I will eat something I shouldn't then think what the heck and end up binging for a few days before I get myself back on track....just a big vicious circle, which hopefully following a regimented plan I will be able to stop!!


  1. Way to Kylee good luck with house :)

    Hugs Jen

  2. I'm in the same vicious circle as you! Well done Kylee on the new home:-)