Sunday, November 30, 2008

A day early

After a very restless night last night, I woke up this morning and weighed myself......mmmmm was not good, up ANOTHER bloody kilo. But what else do I expect after all the darn "evil" things I have been eating. Too darn lazy to excersise... so haven't walked for the past 3 days.
But I will tomorrow...and tomorrow I will be back on track. Looking at that comparison photo I have decided I prefer where I am right now...not what I was!! Right .... its okay to indulge now and then, but to eat as thou there is no tomorrow like I am at the moment has just gotta stop!! These darn hot flushes don't help either !! Its been nice to relax and not worry about what food is going into the mouth ....but I DO need to keep myself focused before I totally lose control.
Anyways I have shopped....bought myself a lot of fruit and vege's and plan to make myself lots of salads, frittata's and soups... these will be a change from the same ole things I usually eat. Also want to get away from the bread at lunch time and replace it with some protein to help me get throu the afternoon.
We had a invation to a friends 50th birthday up in Geraldton on the 20th my goal is to get myself back on track by then and fitting comfortably into my skinny jeans.....
Here I go yet again...but with some changes......


  1. Good to make those comparisons - it helps!!

    Hey, it's Monday, the 1 st Dec - what better day to start, how about a mini challenge for the pair of us, on track now until Christmas?

  2. Good luck with fitting into your skinny jeans by the 20th.
    Both pics are pretty, but I know how you feel about the weight creeping back on. It's not nice. I'm in exactly the same boat at the moment.

  3. Sometimes the hardest thing is admitting to the things we are doing, that aren't doing us any favours. You have and you know what to work on.

    With the weather finally fining up, it is a great time of year to fill up on light soups and salads and to have no problem walking out the door.

    Good luck this week, you can definitely do it! :)

  4. Good to have little goals such as your party on the 20th.

    Dont beat yourself up too much you know we all go through or are going through the same thing as you so you are not alone.

    Enjoy you soups frittatas and fruit.

  5. Give yourself a break girl, look how far you have come, you look bloody FANTASTIC right now! so there.

  6. OMG!!! I hadn't seen a "before" photo of you....good grief woman...cut yourself some slack. Look at you now...a total hornbag!! Wow, what a difference...bloody inspirational. Good to have the short term goals like your friends 50th..just little steps...seems easier than the big picture I think:)