Sunday, November 23, 2008


Shawn had his access visit so had them out. On Friday it was Skye's birthday so Tanya decided she'd come out with her 2 girls for the access visit and let them spend some time with Skye and Jaydene, and let them give Skye a pressie...the kids had a lovely was great to sit back and listen to the kids giggle and have fun just doesn't seem to happen enough lately.....

Decided yesterday morning that I would go and do a bit more chrissy shopping....wishing to heck now I hadn't. Filled up with fuel at the servo and just taking off...and WHACK!!! Don't know what happened, I know I looked before I took off so who was at fault, me or him I have no idea...but we had a "bingle". My drivers side headlight and bumper is all smashed, his car has a scrape down the passenger side. Have rang my insurance company but being the weekend the matter has just been will have to wait till tomorrow to organise that! Was very teary and shaken for awhile but having the kids around sure helped.

Anyways just wanted to put these pics up....will be back tomorrow with weigh in update....


  1. Lovely pics of your littlies.

    So sorry about your accident. What a pain! Hope the Insurance company sorts it out quickly for you.

  2. We had a lovely afternoon with our grandkids as well:-) Love your pictures, so cute!

    Here's the recipe, it sounds bland but is actually really nice:

    Easy Christmas cake
    1 kilo mixed dried fruit.
    2 cups Orange juice
    2 cups SR flour - that's it!
    Soak fruit in orange juice overnight. Add flour. Bake 150 degress for 1 1/2 hours.

    Can top with nuts, cherries etc. Doesn't seem to need any spices.

  3. Jen my sweet, as long as you werent hurt is the main concern.
    I am going to make Anne's WW cake next weekend.
    Glad the access visit went well. Children laughing would have to be one of the most wonderful sounds in the world. It always makes me smile.