Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm back

and yayyyyyyyy I am back on track!!
It took me awhile, I'd get the tracker out, plan my day then it would start raining and I'd crave something hot and yummmyyyyyy and all good plans would fly out the window for another day.....
Or Shawn would ring and say ???......and yep Jen would reach for comfort food. Actually he hasn't been too bad the last few giving him the final warning seems to have shook him up a bit. Just wish he would get rid of the drug once and for all!!! Damn centerlink is mucking him around, he hasn't got his tablets the Dr subscribed yet as he had lost his healthcare card.....still waiting waiting waiting for centerlink to post out a new one....
And another thing that happened....DCP let it be known to me that Shawn and Hannah have broken the AVO as Shawn has been seen at Hannah's house...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkk!!!! Don't know what is going to happen there....but have been told by Hannah that she will lift the AVO. DCP have told me no the kids won't be taken off of them...but Shawn has to keep going to councelling and they will be monitored if they do get back together full time....
DAMN KID!!!!!!
Anyways all has been good for the last 4 or 5 weigh in...not game enough for that but Monday next week I will .... all go for a great week..I hope...


  1. Nice to see you back mate. Good luck with the weigh in, when ya go!

  2. Yay to being back on track!!! Here's hoping Shawn gets his medication soon. Sounds like they both really care - so hoping it will work out for you all. Here's to calm lifes!!

  3. glad to hear your back on track, ive been somewhat awol too! and it seems shawn is settling down somewhat, the medication will help more surely?

    ohh and if he didnt want to wait for the health care card he can go to centrelink and get a statement with his health care card number on it, i had to do that once when i lost mine.

    Erica xx