Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Busy week coming up.....

Dear Mum had a lovely day yesterday so she said when I rang her to see if she had received her birthday bouquet we sent her......as the florist I used rang me asking where mum lived as the florist where mum lives couldn't find her address. Hullooooooo please !!! The florist is local, is owned by locals and the block of flats mum live in have been there for a damn long time !!!  Anyways all good, she received them.

Today its work. I am soooo tired though, had one of those nights where I just couldn't sleep,  and hubby snoring didn't help much either.  Have a few things I am trying to sort out....and until I figure out what to do I guess those thoughts are going to go round and round in my head.

I am picking up my troublesome ones youngest two for a sleep over on Wednesday evening after work seeing as they have finished school (and kindy) for the year....as I did promise them when I had their sisters stay over last time that I would.  Shayden and Kaleb are so looking forward to it....and so am I. Will take them back Thursday evening...or maybe Friday morning as Friday I have a Drs appointment then we have a meeting with our financial planner to sort out Ted's superannuation.  Last meeting we had with him Ted was going to salary sacrifice for 2 years to help build up the $'s but we now have to scrap that and see where we stand. Scary much...yep, cos I know we don't have a real lot.

Then I get a break for a evening and my niece is dropping off her two for a sleepover on Saturday whilst her and her hubby attend a birthday party. Love these kids to bits....just like having extra grandkids :-)

Right now weigh in this morning......600g gone.


  1. Hope you have fun with all the grandkidlets !!!!
    Well done on the loss - keep up the good work !
    Have the best day !

  2. I give up. Tried to send you a message twice and they keep disappearing. Need more practice at using Feedly. Basically understand what you guys are doing is scary, we are doing it too. Good luck with your planning.

  3. Sounds like a super busy week, hopefully your accountant works everything out without too many headaches and the kiddies are good for you