Tuesday, July 09, 2013


Out on a nature walk 

Kaleb & Shayden enjoying trampoline time

A visit to see Shera...and Aunty Kylee

My neices little girl Nicola doing her little brothers Adam's hair

Play time at the park.

It has been a full on week...what with work, then picking up my  two youngest grandsons for a two nights sleepovers. Boy are they loud, I had forgotten how loud they can be. Only 11 months between them and they compete with each other all the time.
Their mother is not as bad as she used to be, but boy she is still not clean and the boys had to be taught a few manners. I was always saying to them, "go wash your hands" or "what do you say" as I gave them something. Its not nice either when they compare the houses they visit...I live in the big clean house, Daddy lives in the small house, and they live in a dirty house. So not fair at times.
I have them again next week along with their sisters...and their Daddy is coming out for his access visit with them as well.

It was goodbye to the boys on Friday...and hullo to my nieces children Saturday morning for an overnighter. They have both stayed before but due to coughs and colds they were a little unsettled during the night. I am not used to getting up during the night to tend to kids so come Sunday morning I was tired.  Ended up getting overtired and Sunday at midnight after tossing and turning for an hour or so I was sitting up by the fire with book in hand trying to un-wind.

Anyways...today being Tuesday it was weigh in....bye bye to 300g. Not a lot but after a uppsy downsy week I will accept any loss.


  1. At least it's a loss :) hugs, sounds like you had an interesting week indeed


  2. Well done on your loss - they all add up no matter how much they are !!!
    I love your grandsons hair - that colour is just beautiful although I am sure that he probably won't like it when he gets older !!!!
    Have the best day !

  3. Adam is my nieces little man, his hair is beautiful...his mother had the same colour when she was that age as did her Poppa (my Dad)

  4. Having little children sleep over and look after is really EXHAUTING when ya get older eh? I certainly don't find it 'fun' anymore having to get up in the middle of the night to a crying kid.
    And although Dante lives here with us, we never hear him in the night now that we are down in the garage... it has quite a few benefits being in the garage!

  5. Well done on the loss too...even small amounts add up my friend.