Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It was a long week....

Me and Jaydene

Last week was super busy, work for a full 3 days, meetings, paper work to do and sort out for financial advisor, and then Shawn had his access visit all day on the Friday here, and I kept the kids Friday night.  All was fine on the day,  Shawn had a fantastic day with his kids, the older of the 2 boys was a little contrary but okay...but boy on Saturday after a restless night did I and his Pop know about it!! He turned into a fair little bugga!!  He answered back, he swore, he threw tantrums, disobedient....neither of us or his siblings could placate him...so home they all went. His mother just said, ohh he has been like that for awhile, told him he was a naughty boy and sent him to his room.  This boy is 5 years old and knew he was getting away with his naughtiness....so I called him back and told him till his attitude changes he wasn't having anymore sleepovers at my house. I left there exhausted. The other 3 kids were great and no trouble at all.  I am picking up the girls again on Thursday evening and bringing them home again as I am going down to Mum's on Friday so the girls will be able to see their great nanny. Can't remember the last time mum saw them.

Today was weigh in....400 grams gone  :-)



  1. Woohooo - well done on the loss !
    It's so hard with grandchildren but I do think you took the right line with him - good on you for making the decision - now to make sure you hold him to it.
    Have the best day !

  2. Good news on the loss front jen.

    Grandkids are a blessing and a handful at times. Bad behaviour is bad behaviour and needs to be addressed. I have no problems telling Lucas off when he keeps testing the boundaries even when he looks at me with his doe eyes. But I'd rather people think of him as a lovely boy rather than a spoilt brat.

    Good on you Jen. He'll come round once he finds out what he's missing.

    Hope everything else is going well. Nice pics on fb of your visit to your mums with the girls.

  3. Just typed a really long message on your post and it has disappeared. Honestly, it is really difficult responding to people n the iPad and it is driving me crazy.
    In a nutshell - you did the best things possible and congrats on the weight loss.
    Here I try again