Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Not the best week...

It really hasn't been the best of weeks, quite emotional at times actually.   It all started last Wednesday when I run into a ex workmate, the husband of a young girl Vietnamese girl I worked with quite a lot when I was on the farm. The last time I saw her was a month ago, she had a touch of the flu, no fever, just a cough and her being 34 weeks pregnant I told her to look after herself, and to look after her little bubba, gave her a cuddle and told her I would see her next week. I text her the following week and heard nothing, and also dropped by her house the following week but no-one was home. Anyways when I saw her hubby the other day I asked how all was, had Doa had the baby...and with tears in his eyes he said he had just come back from Perth after the baby's funeral.   Well as you can imagine I was totally shocked, words failed me, so I gave Dow a hug and said I would visit them tomorrow.
The next day I went with some flowers to see Doa and all she could tell me is that her cough would not disappear and the more she coughed, the quieter her baby become, till he become just about still. She was put in hospital and monitored for a night and day. His heart beat was fine, and small movements only were made, but they slowly became less so they did a caesar. Baby was born with no cry, alive but very unresponsive...and lived only 5 days. They are still waiting for cause of his death, they have no answers yet as to why he died.
They are of course heart broken.

I was devastated for them both, and after the visit to Doa and Dow I drove straight up to see Kylee  at her work and gave her the biggest hug. I pray daily that all continues to go well with her pregnancy and she delivers a healthy wee bubba.

Friday saw me, with Kylee and two little granddaughters travel down to Manjimup to see Mum.  

My sister and Jaydene and Skye

Skye, my mum and Jaydene
Mum was delighted to see us....it was a spur of the moment visit, as I needed to see Mum and give her a hug too. She of course was stoked...and delighted in spoiling Kylee and rubbing her little baby tum and cuddling her great-grandchildren.

Then to send my world into a spin again....a very dear friends father has just been diagnosed with lung cancer. Deb, is my jabberwalk buddy and one of my closest friends. Her parents are just delightful, especially her dad.

So....this week hopefully will be better. I have had a few days of emotional eating, and because I  am working different hours in a different shopping centre I was unable to attend my official ww weigh in....so gave my myself a no weigh too...thought it might be best !!

This time next week my hubby will be officially retired...our life is going to change.


  1. What a horrible, emotional week for you. So sad to hear of the death of a baby - always so hard to handle.
    And lung cancer - another horrible disease !!!
    Sending heaps of love, hugs and positive energy your way !

  2. I hate reading about baby's dying, it is just so sad.
    Your poor friend Doa and her family.

    Your Mum sure looks happy to see the girls.
    I hope your spirits are lifted now... ♥hugs♥

  3. All go in your world Jen.

    So sad to hear of the baby and also the your friend's father.

    And your life is going to change a lot. Enjoy it!

  4. Did you ever find out why their baby died?