Thursday, May 01, 2008

Been to specialist

And the verdict is that I .......

1) have scarring caused by the operation.

2) I had an infection after the op which has caused some problems too.

Anyways I have had a full on check - up, tomorrow I have an ultra-sound...and then next week I see my local Dr and if "bedroom" activities haven't resumed without no pain I will have to have a stretch done there! If still no luck it's back to the specialist where another operation will have to be done! Fingers crossed ehhh?
Had my first real drama since he has moved down this way with troublesome son yesterday. I had to leave work and try to sort it out. It was bad, he had a look I have never seen on his face before and HE was getting violent towards me which he has NEVER done, it was very scary. I had to call the police...but their hands are tied, there is nothing they can do, the way the mental health system works over here is SUX, espesially if it involves drugs!! Anyway he calmed down very quickly, and rang and apologised a few hours later, that helped.....but nothing is going to help him if he doesn't help himself and SOON!!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed having my girl home. Her and her fiancee have been running around organising as many wedding plans as they can. The date has been set as March 20th 2010. A long way off, but would you believe the wedding venue they have selected was completely booked out for 2009 and they were lucky to get their chosen date so that has been booked too. It is a beautiful peaceful garden setting.

Kylee and I have had some "girly" times and have thoroughly enjoyed talking weddings dresses, even looked at a few. One she has looked at I have fallen in love with...made me teary to see her in it. Can't wait to go to Melbourne and go looking again.
Kylee and Stephen fly out tomorrow night, ohhhhhh and I am so going to miss them, but its not all that long till I fly over to see them , remember I have my footy trip at the end of June....then Kylee flies home in February to be bridesmaid to her bestest friend. I will be kept busy over the rest of the weekend thou.....I have 3 or 4 of the grandies sleeping over for some Jenna and Pop time Saturday night.
I have resolved as from the moment I drop them off to try that bit harder to get myself back on track and lose these extra kilo's. I really need to, I have not been under control much at all these past few weeks, and have not tracked much at all. Been told by my hubby and a few other people they prefer me at this weight, even my Doctor, they say my face gets too gaunt and I look old when I am thinner which really spun me out.....but I prefer me at goal weight, after all its me that has to be comfortable and its me in MY skin!!


  1. Hi Jen
    Sorry to hear that things are going as smoothly as you would like. I hope the ultrasound went ok.
    And yes - you need to be comfortable in the skin you are in!

  2. Mmm - can't edit the last post - but its meant to say that things are NOT going as smoothly as you would like - sorry!

  3. ohhh weddings are soooo much fun!

  4. Hope you get yourself sorted. Good luck with everything.

    Sorry to hear your son is still in a rough patch. You are doing all you can.

    Keep smiling, you have another grandson soon and now a wedding to look forward to!

  5. I read just recently - there comes a time when a women has to choose between her face and her figure - WHY?? Sometimes it doesnt seem fair. So sorry everything went pearshaped for a while and hopefully everything is now back on track. Look after yourself.