Thursday, May 22, 2008

Meet grandie number 11

His name is Shayden, born at 10.16am on Wednesday 21st May, weighing in at just a tad under 9lb. Mother and baby both well, Dad proud as punch. "Jenna" has been fulltime babysitting the 2 big sisters, Skye and Jaydene while mum recovers in hospital and Dad goes to works. I can tell you it has been hard staying on track with little ones tomorrow arvo when I drop girls off home with Hannah and Shayden I can prepare for a Saturday morning "get back on track" ready for my new ww meeting on Wednesday night and that dreaded monthly weigh in. But I am looking forward to this meeting, Dianne is a bright, bubbly, highly motivated leader who does inspire her classes to achieve.


  1. Ohh Jen he is just perfect! i bet his big sisters will be lovely 'little mums' to this beautiful baby boy!

    Erica xxx

  2. Congrats to the family... he is gorgeous!

  3. Congratulations to you all, what a darling little man. The girls look gorgeous too!

    Hope all works out ok for your son.

    Good luck with the new leader at WW:-)

  4. Congrats darling Jen on having your second Grandson born within the last month....they are both gorgeous...
    oh and how did the meeting go last night? was it a better meeting to attend as you were thinking it would be?
    Berrie xx