Monday, May 26, 2008

I missed out .....

.....on cuddles yesterday. Shawn bought out girls and Shayden for a visit and the whole 2 hours plus he was here bub layed in his car seat and slept....I was not impressed!!!
Shayden Thomas Lee

I have today off work, boss rang me last night and apparently it is going to be a quiet week so might get a few more days off!!! Hopefully I can have a "me" day and do NOT much at all. Know one thing I AM going to do and that is have a "nanna nap" this arvo, haven't been sleeping real well of late. I also am going to go down to my favourite little "op" shop and have a good browse around and see what little treasures I can find, and then before I go home go around and see little Mathew....and maybe find him awake so I can have cuddles!!

Mathew Paul

ahhhhhhhhh well, time to get off my butt and make another coffee....and then start my day, it is nearly 9am and I haven't even made the bed yet!!


  1. Gosh Jen - what absolutely adorable grandchildren - you must be so proud of them all. Enjoy the nap - know exactly what you mean about not sleeping well. Z xx

  2. baby boys are just so damn cute, i really have a soft spot for the blue ones, shhhh dont tell little Amber Lee that, haha, boys are so much 'easier' than girls.

    Enjoy you much deserved me time Jen.

    Erica xxx

  3. You lucky thing, two adorable new baby grandsons!!!! Like Erica, I kinda like boys better.... having raised 4 girls/4 boys I can honestly say boys are easier on a whole!

  4. Very, very cute
    Have a cuddle for me!

  5. So cute the pair of them!! They will good mates too, we have two little ones 6 weeks apart and they are really close.

  6. Hi Jen
    Shayden is gorgeous ;)
    Congrats on no. 11.
    Good luck for weigh in