Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Thank you my dear friends for all your advise......and for just being here for me with your input. I really appreciate all your comments.
The last few days I have been digging deep into myself and my old blogger posts and I think I have found a few answers. Welllllllll THE main answer. It being I need to weigh myself weekly, whether it be here at home or at a ww meeting. Since I have lost the weight the only time I have maintained, really maintained is when I was weighing in weekly. Since I stopped that, I have yoyo'ed. Why?? I think because I became to know the story...." a little extra won't hurt, I have a month too lose it, don't need to weigh in this week" Guess we all have been guilty of that at some stage ehhhhh?
The only reason I stopped weighing in weekly is that I thought I was becoming too dependant on the know relying on them to keep my weight under control. Wellllllllll hulllllllllllllllllllllo Jen .....wake up, its true....YOU do need those weekly weigh in's, you DO need those scales.!!! So yep.....those bathroom scales have come out of hiding....and I am going to use them weekly. Why I ever convinced myself I didn't need them god knows. It's not as if I am or have been a daily weigher, I only ever used to weigh once a week.
The past 2 days I have been totally on track, have been tracking, and yayyyyyyyyy I feel good, I am ready to get my weight under control again. Have pushed all my worries and issues aside for the time being....
Ready, set, am going !!


  1. Thankyou Jen...reading your last two posts have given me something to think about....I too am so grateful to my online friends..... dont know how I am going to pull myself together but am going to think of you when the road is shaky..hope you dont mind... Am so happy that you have found your inner strength big hugsss xx

  2. Well done hunny, im so very proud of you, it can be very hard to pull yourself up out of that 'rut' at times and you are doing it! I think weekly weigh ins are a good idea, they help you gauge how your doing, if you have a not so good weigh in you can look back over the previous week and see where you could improve, theres no failing in this weight loss thing, its all trial and error, learning as you go.

    Well done sweets *hugs*
    Erica xxx

  3. I could so relate to your entry! Thanks for sharing.

    So easy to put of 'trying' when you don't have to face up to the scales just yet. I know you will find the strength you need to get back to where you want!

  4. Hmmm, this sounds so much like me! I stopped weighing in weekly too, went to monthly,started to gain.. stopped going cos I got embarrased! Now I have to start again... got so much to lose again! Back to weekly for me too.

  5. Ok I confess. I weigh just about daily. I know when I'm really going for it I have to check each day to see how I'm going. When I don't weigh it's because I'm going off track and I don't want to acknowledge it. I want to keep myself in the dark.

    It's lovely hearing all that positiveness coming through. I know we can be our worst enemy sometimes but we can also be our best friends if we treated ourselves a little nicer.
    Hugs Jen xxx

  6. Great detective work Jen!
    A point I can really relate to.

  7. Happy Mothers Day JEN! hope you have a great day!

  8. Oh dear...I'm with Lee-anne, sadly i am a daily weigher... keeps me in check too... But you gotta do what works for you girl!!