Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weighed in last night.....

..... on my scales and had a loss of 400 grams. Not much but heyyy it at least went downwards. I had a reasonable week, not 100% on track but I made an effort when I could. A few days I didn't excersise, a few food choices that weren't the best.....but I tried, but should have tried harder. Troubled son Shawn has caused a few hiccups for me this week ...poor kid is mega stressed out, his Hannah is a week overdue for their 3rd bub but that still no excuse to act like he does. Wish he would get his shit together and start acting his age. Anyways Hannah will be induced on Thursday evening if bub not born by then. In the meantime Shawn, having been on tenderhooks waiting for this bub, is starting work tomorrow....he delayed the starting of the job by a week hoping bub will be born. Hope working helps with his moods, it always seems too. This job is outdoors, on a farm which he likes and the person he will be working for has had success with troubled people and drug addicts like him...keep fingers crossed for us, his family, and pray that this will work out.

Next week I will be going to ww meeting and have monthly weigh in. It will be a new meeting, I am changing leaders. My old leader is dull, boring and un-motivating and I need a change. The new meeting leader I have been to before when I was losing weight last year, she has a very up-beat and interesting meet and thats what I need, I need to be inspired again. I still have a long way to get back to goal.....well it is a long way for me, to anyone else it is only a few kilo's.

Anyways will be back later in the week with news of bub when it happens.....


  1. i have EVERYTHING crossed for your troubled son hunny, cant wait to see the new bubby pics *cluck*

    good idea changing meetings, theres nothing worse than sitting through a dull a$$ meeting and walking away feeling like it was a waste of time.

    Well done on your loss too sweety.

    Erica xxx

  2. Erica said it all! Hope the new meeting is all you want it to be. Exciting ... a new grandbaby!

  3. Congrats on the loss. I know how hard those last few kilos are as Im in the same boat and cant seem to shift them. Hope the job works for your son and look forward to pics of new grandchild.