Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Have stayed on track...

Had a really great week food and tracking wise despite some upsets during the week, am proud of the fact that I didn't let any of the emotions sway me towards food . I weighed in on my own scales last night and had a loss of 1.2 kilo's.....so very happy with that. That still has me way too heavy....am still over the 2 kilo's allowed on top of my goal weight sooooooooo I still have some work too do. Had a slip-up last night and had an "oink oink " ...but on track and focused again this morning. Pouring with rain at 4.30am so decided when my day started at 5am that I would give my morning walk a miss today and have a bit of "me" time before heading off to work, so thats why I here on pc....but better get moving now, its nearly work time......


  1. well done Jen, your doing great!

  2. wooooooohooooooooooooo!!!
    you did a great job this week 1.2kg gone.....well done..you can do it...
    Berrie xx

  3. You may be able to tell that I am catching up with your blog by the number of comments you have received lately but I just have to add to the above - WELL DONE!

  4. Hey Jen just having a big catch up and sorry your life has been so up and down lately! You really do face a lot of challenges and a lot is so unfair for such a lovely lady. But I am sure that is what has made you the strong, determined lady you are today!

    Well done on the loss and hang in there and keep smiling xxx